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Hey, my name is Fran and I am so happy that you are here! It means that some amazing changes are going to happen and you are frickin’ ready for them!

I created Exploration Happiness in order to research and examine what happiness truly is to me, how we can develop our best self and find a way to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

It depicts my own journey, exploring happiness, as much as it acts as a guide for you. Meaning to inspire and initiate thoughts and actions towards your own exploration to establish a happier and more confident way of life.

I guess you are here, because you feel that currently you are not being the best version of yourself. Trust me – I have been there – this is why I started this blog. Let’s set you up with knowledge about gaining confidence, how to stand up for yourself and letting you anxieties go. Let’s get you, too, started on your journey towards a happier and stronger life.

Here is some of my most helpful discoveries to get you going:

If you want to reach me, I am happy to receive your mail. Other than that, chat me up on Instagram, I am always happy to hear from you guys!